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Automotive Side Connecting plate

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Brief Description: Hole Distortion Countermeasure

Part Name: Automotive Side Connecting plate

Material Grade: Material CR380LA -ZM35/35-U

Material Size: Material size is 1.20mm x 1038mm x 265mm

Process: Process stages 2500T Transfer with 5 stages


Cavity: Tool cavity is Right and Left two parts out

Press Machine: 2000T, 1200T Mechanical

Inspection Tool: Checking Fixture, Blue Scanner

Lead Time: 4 months

Technical Concerns: Hole Distortion


As the product in slim shape with a lot of holes, which is distortion easily.

Some holes could be achieved in the blanking stations, however, most of the holes have to be finished in the separate pierce stations.

How to avoid hole distortion in automotive metal parts?

The hole finish by pierce and cam-pierce process with a punch in the die.

the full length of the bend to be pressed into the die by a punch. The resulting bend smoothly and accurately matches the bend radius of the punch and die. A hole located near the punch is likely to be distorted and warped during the bending process.

Whether a hole is in the risk of distortion or not? It depends on the bend radius, method, and product size.

If the hole and bend close, add a relief will reduce the possibility of the hole being distorted.


Also considering punch coating, especially for aluminum materials. Aluminum product is common to see the hole distortion concerns. Punch in different coating will affect hole quality. For small quantity die try out, it seems OK. While in the mass production with high SPM, it will show significant works.

In order to keep hole in good quality, hole size accuracy, hole surrounding surface smoothly, the process should be considered carefully.

To solve the hole piercing concerns, we could share with you much more experiences if you have interest. Please contact with us.

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