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Checking fixture resin

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Automobile checking fixture is a simple tool used by industrial enterprises to control various sizes of products, such as aperture, space size and so on. It can improve production efficiency and control quality. It is suitable for mass-produced products to replace professional measuring tools in auto parts, such as smooth plug gauge, thread plug gauge, outer diameter snap gauge, etc.

The design principle of the fixture shall be rigid enough. It shall have sufficient stability and sufficient measurement accuracy to ensure vehicle quality. The operation shall be convenient to ensure sufficient measurement efficiency. The structure shall be as simple as possible and have good appearance as well as sufficient economy to ensure easy control of vehicle cost. At the same time, it shall be convenient for measurement and calibration. The design points should have the commonness of auto parts checking fixtures and their own characteristics. Its structure is mainly composed of the following parts: base plate and frame, positioning device, clamping device, measuring device, auxiliary device, etc.

Characteristics of resin:
The resin has good strength, plasticity and toughness, and has the characteristics of easy cutting, easy engraving and not easy deformation. It can be suitable for CNC machining and made into all kinds of molds, models and checking fixtures, which can shorten the CNC machining cycle, reduce the production cost and improve the productivity.

Application of resin:

Resin is widely used in high-speed railway, automobile, aviation, ceramics, household appliances, toys, shipbuilding industry molds, models, checking fixtures, tooling fixtures and other projects.

We choose resin checking fixture according to the needs of customers. The checking fixture made of resin has better toughness, no deformation, strong pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, high precision and more stable size.

 We promise that we provide customers with reasonable, satisfactory and high-precision checking fixture for automotive products, reasonable fixture structure, high-precision quality, perfect appearance and patient service.

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