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Aluminum tools no longer only for prototype but good performance in production

Do you know  aluminum tool? Disadvantages will be listed and introduced here in advance.

Firstly, very short shot no more than thousand, life time is hard to meet the demand of the mass production, normally 5 years around 500,000. Go too long with an aluminum tool and it starts to break down is the general thinking. This is why aluminum has traditionally been turned to only as a prototype. Secondly, the hardness is also the problem. Thirdly, material cost is higher than common steels.

However, all above are no longer the cases. Nowadays, aluminum tools can last at least 100,000 shots for production. Many aluminum grades are as strong or stronger than steel, and aluminum tools can be surface coated to extend their lives than before, then hardness is no more the weakness.

 With comparison, we are also wondering that aluminum is often more cost effective than steel. That’s why every day, manufacturers are making the switch to aluminum, replacing their steel tools with improved aluminum versions.

Aluminum tooling is a durable and cost-effective choice for whatever your manufacturing requires.

It seems easy to meet the demand. Currently, aluminum tool provides us with more choices, and become more popular and acceptable. In such competitive automotive industry, how to win? Shorter lead time, lower cost but keep high quality, we have to consider not only choose the right material from original, but also to make the production process to be more competitive.

As a metal stamping tool and die manufacture vendor, we have qualified technician team.

If you have any questions about aluminum tooling and how it could work for your application, please do not hesitate, and contact us today.

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Post time: Jun-08-2022