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Battery cell type introduction and cylindrical cell case production succeed

How many types lithium – ion batteries you know?

Traditional three types of lithium-ion batteries: cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch. 

Each of these battery types have its advantages and disadvantages, no fully and clear winner or loser. But you could choose based on your demand and application. Each battery has a different performance and features, like temperature distribution and heat transfer model and life time.

BTM system, battery thermal management, it consists of heating and cooling systems that keep the battery temperature in a desired range.

Now battery is widely adopted in new energy industries, medical instruments, laptops, e-bikes, and power tools. especially cylindrical and prismatic types.

Cylindrical battery cells is one of the first mass-produced types, even though till now still very popular.

It including, anodes, separators and cathodes, like traditional battery elements, rolled up and packed into a cylinder battery cell case. Like 14650、17490、18650、21700、26650, size difference, but same shape.

This battery cells shows good performance in automated manufacturing mainly for its mechanical stability, which benefits from its round shape. It could distribute the internal pressure from side reactions over the cell circumference, and this allows the battery cell to control internal pressure higher without any deformation.

As one metal stamping tool and die manufacture vendor, we also developed the cylinder battery cell case successfully, here below is the initial samples.



Material grade, Nickel coating stainless steel

Thickness: 0.3mm

Size: 21mm diameter, 70mm height

Quality common issues: rim burrs and bottom tool marks for first prototype tool off sample

Burrs on the rim requires to be much smoother, which is important for sealing quality.

Above two issues are caused by process, which should be slight changed and adjusted, then cell quality could be achievable.

If you have concerns about cylindrical battery cell case production, please contact with us immediately.

Post time: Jun-13-2022