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FARO 3d scanner arm – One of our quality control equipment

Is there an equipment could capture every measurement of a complex part, tool or mold?

Yes, 3D scanner arm which Melin is using.It captures production data accurate and for reporting and trend analysis. Compare with regular auto part checking fixtures, the accuracy is much more higher, it improves quality complex 3D inspections and automatic reports help us pinpoint defects.


1. Product testing

1) Design improvement: The computer-aided inspection of the product with a portable measuring machine can timely find the error between the product and the original design, so as to improve the product design and manufacturing process

2) Rapid design: realize the design scheme based on the existing product or partially adopt the reverse method.

3) Parts Archive: Parts without design prototypes or drawings are archived for future use which normal auto part checking fixtures will not do.


2. Onsite inspection in the production workshop

Onsite measurement: The measuring arm has no special requirements for the environment and can be used in the production workshop. Product quality problems can be found in time and the scrap rate can be reduced.

1) Measurement of complex work piece parts: on-site measurement of various automotive checking fixtures, inspection tools, various platforms, automotive interior parts, pipe fittings and other large and small products.

2) On-line inspection: The traditional method cannot be used for on-line inspection. The measuring arm can be used for on-line or on-machine inspection during product processing, with good flexibility and high cost performance.


3. Management optimization and risk control

1) Optimization of product manufacturing process: 100% online inspection of products can obtain the data of product manufacturing process in time, so as to make scientific management decisions.

2) Operational risk control: On-site measurement of products can detect deformation, wear and other problems in time, adjust molds and production processes in time, and reduce the risk of subsequent poor assembly or other defects.

Post time: Oct-19-2022