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Soft and thin sheet metal part

Material Grade: DX54D+Z140MB0

Material Size:  1.00mm x 684mm x223mm

Process:  630T Progression

Cavity: R and L two part out

Complexity: EASY

◆Application: The part applicated to automotive fender support part

Press Machine: 2000T hydraulic press, 1200T Mechanical, 630T Mechanical

Inspection Tool: Checking fixture, CMM, Laser arm scan

Lead Time: 3 months 

◆Part Quality:

This part with general material grade of steel and material thickness 1.0mm which is a simple stamping part, thus there are usually no part quality.


These parts are stamped by 12 stages process for a 630T progression tool, the ok part stamped out with quality 100% accuracy by less than two times try out as per our experience. As the support part for automotive fender, which is used for the supporting positioning of the automobile fender in the A pillar area, and it comprises supporting body part for supporting the fender, and mounting area for mounting to a predetermined position is connected under the supporting body. This part with a simple structure that can ensure the assembly accuracy, ensure the personal safety of operators and convenient to assemble or position each automotive part. This part also flexible and can be easily mounted on the fender to provide support in the A pillar area.



For the simple stamping parts, our engineers, designers and technicist have much experience to shorten the time of tool design, machining and try out for die delivery time, save the costs of time and labor, so that not only in advance to meet the customer delivery time but also to ensure the part quality.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will be pleased to reply and discuss with you.

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