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Aluminum Checking Fixture

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Automotive stamping part fixture; The advantages of Aluminum fixture

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Aluminum automotive checking fixture

Material: Both base plate and main body are made of Aluminum

Treatment: Both base plate and main body = paint

Cavity: one part out

Lifting method of Fixture: handle

Application: The fixture applicated to automotive stamping part measurement

Lead Time: one month


In the production process of automobile metal stamping parts, in order to ensure the part quality, it is mainly used to check the accuracy of a single part.  Parts gauge is mainly to complete the measurement in the process of product processing, with the datum pins and clamp to locate the parts, the requirement for surface, trim edge, clearance, hole detection, emphasis on the accuracy of all measure items, in order to reach the tolerance range provided by customers.   

Locate and fix the product according to the way specified in the part drawings and GD&T (tolerance) drawings, establish the offset and flush surfaces of the part itself, establish the offset lines of the feature lines on the part itself, establish the bushings or pins corresponding to the feature pins or holes of the product itself, and evaluate the deviation between the actual part and the ideal part.

These kinds of the Aluminum automotive checking fixture have the advantages as per below.  
1. Low density and light weight, easy for testing personnel to operate the Aluminum checking fixture while measuring the part.

2. It has strong corrosion resistance and strong wearability.

3. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum has strong plasticity and good productivity, and has good advantages for checking fixture production.

4. The surface treatment performance is good and the appearance is bright.

5. It has stable chemical properties, no magnetism and can be recycled. It is a benign and recyclable metal material.

6. The elastic coefficient is small, and the collision friction cannot spark.
7. No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal on the surface oxide layer.


If you have interest or want to know more about Aluminum checking fixture, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to discuss with you.

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