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Automotive stamping part fixture; the requirements of materials for automobile inspection tools

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What are the requirements of materials for automobile inspection tools?  Here is the explanation for you:

1. Requirements on the service performance of fixture materials

Different uses of the tester have different requirements on the performance of the material. Generally speaking, the tester, as a testing equipment, must have very high dimensional accuracy and constancy, so it is required to have the following performance:

(1) High hardness and high wear resistance.  In order to ensure that in the long-term use will not be quickly worn, and lose its accuracy.

(2) High dimensional stability.  To ensure that the measuring tool in the use and storage process to keep its shape and size constant.

(3) sufficient toughness.  To ensure that the measuring tool in use is not damaged by accidental factors – collision

(4) Corrosion resistance under special circumstances.

2. Requirements on the process performance of the fixture material

Because the working parts of the tool generally go through complex manufacturing process, so it must have the applicability to various processing technology, the technological requirements of the tool material include malleability, processing technology, hardening, grinding and so on

3. Requirements on the appearance and surface of fixture materials

The material of the inspection tool will rust during use, which will have a great impact on the accuracy of the inspection tool. Therefore, the inspection tool parts need to be surface treated. Generally, the non-measuring surface or non-acting surface of the inspection tool can be blackened, anodized and painted in addition to nickel and phosphorus plating, nickel plating and chromium plating.

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