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Auto brake shield part

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Auto brake shield part

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Material Grade:  GS 93033 ALUMINIUM AL5-11C-NP-UM O/H111

Material Size:  1.00mm x 872mm x 280mm/


Stage Process: 800T Progression Tool

Cavity:  R and L parts out/

        2 parts out

Complexity: Middle

Application: The part applicated to automotive brake shield part

Press Machine:  1200T Mechanical, 2000T press

Inspection Tool: Checking fixture, Laser scan, CMM

Lead Time: 4 months

Technical Key Point: tuning experience about brake shield part


Brake dust shields are normally aluminum plates sandwiching between the rim and your brake disc. Their primary duty is catching all the debris and dust blown from the brake disc and preventing it from setting on your rims.

Our company has made several brake discs of the same project and similar shape, all of which are made of aluminum alloy. For the same type of products, we have accumulated experience in product design and die tuning. As long as the tool for two or three rounds are tuning or the tool for one or two times are modified, the accuracy of the products can almost meet the requirements of customers. For similar brake shield products made before, some small quality problems of the products during tuning and production, such as burrs of cutting waste, hole accuracy and surface inequality, can be almost avoided in this project.

Our Advantages

We have obtained ISO/9001 Quality Management System Certification.

Our factories have professional production and processing equipment & assembly line and advanced testing facility for Auto stamping part.

We attach great importance to the quality of personnel and staffs. Meilin people will never change the pursuit of better quality and further development.

 If you are interested in brake shield parts and have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to discuss with you.

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