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progressive tool

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Auto stamping progressive tool

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Tool type: Progressive tool


1.60mm x 158mm x 106mm – 250T PRG @ x2 Part Out

1.60mm x 371mm x 67mm – 500T PRG @ R/L Parts Out

1.40mm x 260mm x 221mm – 600T PRG @ x2 Part Out

Stamping Part Material: SCGA270D-45/SCGA590DU-45/SCGA270D-45

Tool Material Grade:

Upper and Lower die shoe & blank holder are used S50C material,

Forming and re-strike blank holder plates are used HMD5 material,

trim punch blank holder plates are used S50C material.

Steel Surface Treatment:

Forming punch: PVD

Forming punch:SKD11+TD

Standard Components:

Most of standard parts are sourced from MISUMI and PUNCH, gas spring are sourced from HYSON.

Complexity: Easy

◆Application: The tool applicated to automotive stamping part mass production.

Lead Time: 2.5~3 months


In the stamping production of progressive stamping die, it is necessary to carry out specific analysis

for the phenomenon of poor stamping, adopt effective treatment measures, and fundamentally solve

the problems that occur, so as to reduce production costs and achieve smooth production. The

following is the reason for the common bad stamping phenomenon in production and the treatment

measures are as follows, for the tool maintenance personnel to refer to.

The progressive stamping punching edge


1) The cutting edge wear,

2) The gap is too large to repair the cutting edge after the effect is not obvious,

3) The cutting edge collapse angle,

4) The gap is unreasonable up and down offset or loose, Up and down dislocation.


a. Grinding the cutting edge,

b. Control the precision of the convex and concave die machining or modify the design gap,

c. Grind the cutting edge,

d. Adjust the punching clearance to confirm the problem of the hole wear of the template hole or the processing precision of the molded part,

e. Replace the guide or Remodeling.


If you are interested in progression tool or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and we will be pleased to reply you.

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