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transfer tool

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transfer tool

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Tool type: Transfer tool

Process: 1000T TRF x 5 stages

0.80mm x 870mm x 250mm – x1 SQ Blank in = x1 Part Out

Stamping Part Material: SCGA270D-45

Tool Material Grade:

Upper and Lower die shoe & blank holder are used S50C material,

Forming and re-strike blank holder plates are used HMD5 material,

trim punch blank holder plates are used S50C material.

Steel Surface Treatment:

Op10 Upper Forming block: PVD Treatment

Op30 Upper Forming block: TD Treatment

Blank holder:SKD11+TD

Bending Punch:SKD11+TD

Standard Components:

Main standard parts are sourced from MISUMI and PUNCH, gas spring are sourced from HYSON.

Complexity: Middle

◆Application: The tool applicated to automotive stamping support part mass production.

Press Machine: 1200T Mechanical, 2000T hydraulic press,

Lead Time: 5 months


Our designers discussed what material to produce tool when under die design, casting tool or steel tool. The development cycle, the maintenance and the precision are all different because of the different materials.  For casting, the development cycle of casting is long, the development cost is large, and the maintenance is not good. It may cause the whole tool to be destroyed and re-cast due to the failure of a certain part.  Considering the customer’s delivery time, tool production cost and convenient further maintenance, we choosed steel plate to manufacture tool.  In this way, it is not only simple to manufacture, short production cycle, but also has a price advantage, convenient local maintenance, and meet the requirements of customers.


Professional Service: professional team to support our oversea customers, from stamping dies design review, timing report, buy off to home line tryout.

Faster Lead time: 16-17 weeks to provide the tool cut samples for transfer dies, 20-21 weeks to provide the 100% qualified samples to our customers.

Best Price for Progression tool, transfer tool and checking fixture.

If you are interested in transfer tool or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and we will be pleased to reply you.

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